Save A Backup Copy of Workbook in Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013

Never take a chance while working on your master data. We have best Excel backup plan for your essential data. You can use our Add-In to backup your data time to time by just pressing a short-cut key. Download Add in and use it with any excel file. (Click here to view how to add new Add-In to Excel)

Download Merge Sheets Add-In Macro

You are done now, no need to enable macro every time. A simple shortcut key: Crl + Q and your backup is there at C:\excelbackup\. You will see a dialog box with backup confirmation.

Excel Backup Save Confirmation

If you are comfortable with VBA, just paste the below code in VBA console window and change the destination path accordingly. Macro 1 creates a new folder in given location, if not exist and will call Excel save function (Macro 2) to make a backup copy of current workbook.

Macro 1:

Public Const backupfolder As String = "C:\excelbackup\"
Sub Auto_Save()
If Dir(backupfolder, vbDirectory) = "" Then
' This will check if folder already exist
' If not then it will create new directory at first time
MkDir backupfolder
Call Save
' Save copy of Excel file to backupfolder
Else Call Save
' If folder already exist then only save copy of Excel File
End If
End Sub

Macro 2:

Function Save() As String
' Auto_save Macro
' This will create a copy of file at Seleted destination path
' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+r '
'Saves the current file to a backup folder
Dim savedate
savedate = Date ' Current system date
Dim savetime
savetime = Time ' Current system time
Dim formattime As String
formattime = Format(savetime, "")
Dim formatdate As String
formatdate = Format(savedate, "DD-MM-YYYY")
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
Application.Run ("Auto_Save")
ActiveWorkbook.SaveCopyAs Filename:=backupfolder & formatdate & " " & formattime & " " & ActiveWorkbook.Name
Application.DisplayAlerts = True
MsgBox "Backup Run. Please Check at: " & backupfolder

Hope it helps.