Auspicious Days to Buy Gold in 2023

Gold is an asset that is world renounced for its value throughout history and still, today has put a precious metal tag to it.

It is a prominent metal used in the jewelry industry which is considered a status symbol also, the investment aspect of Gold is very-very attractive.

Gold is also one of the safest investment tools as well which makes it very attractive for both institutional investors like RBI and individual investors.

Indians specifically have a special relationship with gold, and during every auspicious event purchasing gold is considered to be the priority for families.

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Whether it’s a marriage or festivals like Dhanteras, purchasing gold is culturally important. You can purchase gold any day but according to Indian Culture, one should purchase gold on auspicious occasions to ensure that the family progressed both financially as well as spiritually.

In this article, we will provide you with a list of dates when you can purchase gold, panchang timing, etc.

Auspicious Days to Buy Gold

Auspicious Date for Purchasing Gold in 2023

The following dates are the most auspicious dates according to the calendar of 2023 where you can purchase gold-

8 January 2023Pushiya Nakshatra
14 January 2023Makar Sankranti
4 February 2023Pushiya Nakshatra
3 March 2023Pushiya Nakshatra
30 March 2023Pushiya Nakshatra
13 April 2023Ugadi or Gudi Padwa
22 April 2023Akshaya Tritiya
27 April 2023Pushiya Nakshatra
24 May 2023Pushiya Nakshatra
20 June 2023Pushiya Nakshatra
18 July 2023Pushiya Nakshatra
14 August 2023Pushiya Nakshatra
10 September 2023Pushiya Nakshatra
15 October 2022Navratri Day 1
16 October 2022Navratri Day 2
17 October 2022Navratri Day 3
18 October 2022Navratri Day 4
19 October 2022Navratri Day 5
20 October 2022Navratri Day 6
21 October 2022Navratri Day 7
22 October 2022Navratri Day 8
23 October 2022Navratri Day 9
24 October 2023Dussehra
7 October 2023Pushiya Nakshatra
10 November 2023Diwali/Dhanteras
11 November 2023Diwali/Dhanteras
12 November 2023Diwali/Dhanteras
13 November 2023Diwali/Dhanteras
14 November 2023Balipratipada
4 November 2023Pushiya Nakshatra
1 December 2023Pushiya Nakshatra
30 December 2023Pushiya Nakshatra


Pushyami is a nakshatra that is known as the most auspicious nakshatra in Vedic astrology. It is also known as Pushya, Pooyam, Pushyami, or Poosam in various languages and traditions.

We observe Pushyami when the planet moon enters the pushyami nakshatra and it comes once every month and sometimes twice a month.

In this auspicious time, you can do any auspicious activity except marriage like purchasing gold, buying a new car, land purchase, beginning travel, etc.

The following are the dates where pushya Nakshatra is considered according to the Panchang-

8 January 202320 June 2023
4 February 202318 July 2023
3 March 202314 August 2023
30 March 202310 September 2023
27 April 20237 October 2023
24 May 20234 November 2023
1 December 202330 December 2023

Makar Sankranti – 14 January 2023

Makar Sankranti is a festive day when you can purchase gold. It is a harvest festival celebrated across India and is the first festival of the year.

On this day, the sun enters the Makara or Capricorn sign and marks the end of the winter season and the beginning of the summer. In 2023, 14 January will be celebrated as the day for Makar Sankranti.

Ugadi or Gudi Padwa – 13 April 2023

Ugadi or Gudi Padwa is an auspicious day considered a harvest day in India. It is similar to the Makar Sankranti but due to the geographical distance between north and south, there is a 1-day gap between these two festivals.

In Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Telangana, this day is celebrated as Ugadi, Gudi padwa in Maharashtra, Onam in Kerala, and Vaisakhi in Punjab. During these festive days, purchasing gold will be auspicious and bring good fortune to the family.

Akshaya Tritiya – 22 April 2023

Akshaya Tritya is one of the most auspicious days to purchase gold and on this day throughout the country the demand for gold surges.

Buying gold in this day signifies wealth and prosperity and this belief leads to a gold rush in the country.

Indians are known to be the biggest beholders of household gold hence, accumulating wealth by purchasing gold is not complete if you have to purchase the gold in this day.

Navratri – 15 October 2022 – 23 October 2023

Navratri has a huge significance in the Hindu way of living as this is observed for nine days which signifies the triumph of good over evil and women’s empowerment.

The puranic story behind this is that a demon king Mahishasura was given a boon by Lord Brahma of immortality from Man, animal, etc. but forgot to include Women because he considered women incapable of killing him.

This led Goddess Durga to fight this evil and resulted in the celebration of Navratri to commemorate the triumph of Navratri. In 2023, it will be observed from 15 October 2022 – 23 October 2023. these nine days can be a good time to purchase the gold.

Dussehra – 24 October 2023

Dussehra or Vijaya Dashmi is the last day of Navratri and is a specifically auspicious day because on this day Lord Ram killed the evil demon king Ravana. The word Dussehra is derived from Sanskrit which means “Das” or “Ten” and Hara which means “Defeat”.

You can purchase gold on this day as this day is considered to be auspicious throughout the world especially in Gujarat but significantly in other places as well.

Diwali – 10 November 2023

Diwali is one of the most auspicious festivals in India which is the day when Lord Ram returned to his kingdom after defeating the evil asura Ravana.

This day is specifically auspicious for purchasing gold and celebrating good over evil. On this day, the Goddess of Wealth Laxmi is worshipped.  

Dhanteras – 13 November 2023

Three days after Diwali, Dhanteras is celebrated and is the day when gold is purchased a lot. This is the day when Goddess Lakshmi emerged out of the sea after Samudra Manthan.

The emergence of Goddess Lakshmi on earth is considered very auspicious and hence, wealth-increasing activity like purchasing gold is observed throughout India.

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