If you spend all your office hours looking at spreadsheets, pivot tables, charts, bar graphs, Excel functions and VBA code then you are at right place. MS Excel is most widely used data analyzing and management tool. Either you run a small business or work in a corporate office, Excel can assist you and save lots of time for you. You can learn MS Excel with Excel Bee Advance Excel tutorial and download some awesome Excel Macros & Add-Ins. It covers almost everything like Excel formulas, recording / writing macros, creating pivot charts, preparing dynamic pie charts, creating bar graphs, filtering data, writing VBA code etc in Excel 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003 with examples. You can download many useful Excel Macro and Add-Ins which are very commonly used in offices. You can download Excel Bee's free Excel E-Book PDF for beginners. The Excel E-Book PDF is also available in Hindi.

Why Join Advance Excel Classes?

  • Almost at every level of employment, you required basic Excel knowledge.
  • Major software and database uses it for exporting/Importing data.
  • You can automate lots of tasks using VBA Macro.
  • Its a great tool for small businesses accounting and employee management departments.
  • MS Excel can build great charts and graphs.
  • Excel can interact with database like SQL and fetch data with SQL ODBC connection.
  • Majority of companies use it as an MIS reporting tool.
  • It helps in identifying and displaying trends using charts and graphs.
  • Could be used for managing expenses, small scale invoicing, inventory tracking and sales reporting.
  • Used for developing various offline calculator tools and VBA forms.
  • Unlock the potential of cloud and sharing of data with Microsoft’s Office 365.

What Does Excel Training Include?

  • Excel Introduction
  • Customizing Excel
  • Using Basic Functions
  • Formatting And Proofing
  • Mathematical Functions
  • Protecting Excel
  • Text Functions
  • Date And Time Functions
  • Advanced Paste Special Techniques
  • New In Excel 2016 / 2013
  • Sorting And Filtering
  • Printing Workbooks

Advanced Excel

  • Advance Excel
  • What If Analysis
  • Logical Functions
  • Data Validation
  • Lookup Functions
  • Pivot Tables
  • Arrays Functions
  • Charts And Slicers
  • Excel Dashboard

VBA Macro

  • Introduction To VBA
  • Variables In VBA
  • Messagebox And Inputbox Functions
  • If And Select Statements
  • Looping In VBA
  • Mail Functions – VBA
  • Worksheet / Workbook Operations

Download Excel Bee Macro & Add-Ins from Excel Bee

Merge Excel Sheets 2010 / 2007 / 2013 / 2016

Merge Excel Macro can combine all sheets from different work books into one sheet.

Creating Backup Copy of Workbook

Excel Backup Macro can create a backup of your working Excel file with a single shortcut.

Excel Password Remover Macro

Use Excel password remover Macro for removing password from protected Excel books.

Excel SMTP Mail Sending Macro

Send Mail from VBA script without using other email application.

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