Merge CSV Files Without Any Tool

Comma Separated Files commonly referred as CSV Files are very useful files format. These files store data in tabular format and widely supported by various technology for reporting and business purpose. Most of the database programs use CSV files to export its data which can be later saved in various file format like MS Excel etc. Sometime we have lots of data exported from database in different files and needed to merge all CSV files into one. Here we will learn how we can consolidate data from more than one CSV file without using any additional applications. Please follow below steps to add all CSV files data into one:

Step #1 Collect all CSV files and put them into one directory.

Step #2 Now open the Windows Command Prompt and navigate to root of the directory in which you have saved all your CSV files. For example you have saved all files in root of ‘D’ drive then write ‘D:’ in command prompt and hit enter.

Step #3 Type following command in command prompt and hit enter:

copy *.csv combine.csv

You will get confirmation like file(s) copied if command executed successfully. A new consolidated file named “combine” will be created and saved in the same location where your CSV files are located. Check if there is any error message in command prompt on executing the command.

Be Careful: Merging CSV will also include headers from all CSV files. So you need to filter the rows and delete all other headers apart from one top header before handing over the data to your Boss. You can save this consolidated file into other file format using Save As option.

Hope it helps.

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