VEE 2023 Application Form, Eligibility, Exam Date, Pattern & Syllabus

The name of the VELS entrance examination is known to VEE. VEE is carried out by the Science, Technology and Advanced Studies Institute VELS (VISTAS). This entry examination is open to individuals seeking entry to VELS University BE/BTech programmes. The candidate must pass the entry test with good results to take this chance. The test will take place for admissions, encompassing the following varied graduate and postgraduate programmes offered by the Institute:

Pharmacy: BPharm; Pharmacology; Pharmacy

Important dates of VEE 2023

The following table shows the significant VEE 2023 dates:

EventImportan Dates (Tentative)
Date of examinationSecond week of May 2023
Declaration of resultThird week of May 2023
Declaration of rank listThird week of May 2023
Commencement of counsellingThird and fourth week of May 2023

Exam Highlights Of VEE 2023

Exam NameVEE (VELS Entrance Exam)
Conducting BodyVELS Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies (VISTAS)
Exam LevelUniversity level
Exam FrequencyOnce a year
Mode of VEEPen-Paper (Offline)
Exam ModeOffline
Exam Duration90 minutes
Type and Number of QuestionsObjective Type- 100 questions
Course OfferedBTech, MBA, MCA, BE, Law and Pharmacy, etc.
Official Website

Exam Dates of VEE 2023

Details relating to the significant VEE 2023 test dates, such as release date for the application form, final date for the application form and admission card, may be found by candidates. The details regarding the VEE 2023 examination dates are summarised here. See the table:

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Important Events of VEEImportant Date (Tentative)
Availability of Application FormDecember 2022
Last date of Submission of Application FormTo be notified
Date of ExaminationTo be notified
Commencement of CounsellingLast week of November

Eligibility Criteria of VEE 2023

• Nationality: VEE 2023 can be examined by any Indian national candidate.

• Foreign/NRI Candidates: The candidate must be 12 years of formal education and a bachelor’s degree must be required for a postgraduate study.

• Age limit: no restriction of age for any course established by VELS University.

Academic Qualification:

CourseMinimum Eligibility
Undergraduate Courses
B.ScPass in +2, HSC or equivalent with Biology / Maths / Physics / Chemistry
B.E/ B.TechThe applicant should have taken three of the subjects or examination of other bodies approved by the University of BOM as equivalent for BE, Bio-Medicine and BTech. Biology, except for BPC. Biology should have been the fourth paper, if it was the fourth study, or if the students were to have done the Higher Secondary (10+2) Curricular (Academic Steam) with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
BBA/BA/B.Com/BCAPass in 12, HSC or Equivalent
B. PharmacyAs per norms of PCI should have studied Physics, Chemistry, Maths or Biology / Botany and Zoology at +2 level
Pharmacy: Pharm – DAs per norms of PCI should have studied Physics, Chemistry, Maths or Biology / Botany and Zoology
Postgraduate Courses
M.PharmacyB.Pharmacy degree of recognized University and PCI
M.EA pass in B.E / B.Tech
M.C.AAny degree with Maths or Statistics or Mathematical Physics as main / allied subject

Admission Process of VEE 2023 Exam

Step 1: Register and fill in the application form for VEE 2023: Register applicants and fill in the application form for VEE 2023. You may also request the application form online or offline. Rs 1100 is payable by DD or online. The application fee is payable.

Step 2: VEE 2023 Admit card download card

The eligible applicants must download the admission card VEE 2023 from the association’s official website. The card will contain details such as the name of the candidate, address, contact information, exam centres, etc. The admission card for VEE 2023 is due in May.

Step 3: VEE 2023 Appear

In the month of May VEE 2020 will take place. At least an hour before the exam begins, applicants must visit the examination centre.

Step 4: Result VEE check 2023

The results of the VEE 2023 examination will be published on the official website in the month of May. On the basis of the marks earned in the examination, a VEE 2023 score card will be developed.

Step 5: Consultation for VEE 2023

For VEE 2023, which begins in May, applicants who qualify for the examinations must appear.

VISTAS 2023 Application Form

The information below on the VISTAS 2023 Application Form can be followed by applicants

It helps complete the application forms online and offline

• Online admission requests may be filled in 

• Please enter all necessary information in the registration procedure on the VISTAS Application form.

• Download the website application form and fill out all the information.

Dates for the request form VEE 2023

For details concerning VEE 2023 test dates, check at the following table:

  EventsImportant Dates (Tentative)
Release of application formAvailable online
Last date to submit application form To be announced

Steps of VISTAS 2023 online application process

Online application: • Candidates are allowed to fill out and submit the VEE 2012 application on line by e-payment or to download and submit an online application form off-line • In order for registration to be made online, candidates must fill in the form with the information in online mode.

Application offline:

• By sending funds Rs500 to applicants, they may either download the VEE application from the official website or the VISTAS bureau.

• Fill in the VEE application form with all necessary information

 • Generate DD or request Draft of INR 550 for registration which can be payable at Chennai.  

VEE 2023 admit card

The testing body will publish the admission cards online. Please check the following methods to download the admit card of VEE 2023.

• Visit’s official webpage

• Click on the section on VEE entrance

• Go to the download link VEE admission card

• Provide the requested information and complete the process

• The admission card is shown on the screen.

• A soft copy may be kept by the candidates or printed

Please verify all VEE 2023 admission card information.

Details printed on VEE Admit Card 2023

You will be given following information to be filled up on the admission card:

• Course applied for

• Exam date

• Exam time

• Exam venue

• Name of the candidate

• Roll number of the candidate

• Student’s address

• Student’s phone number

Note: In the event of any discrepancies in the card information, the applicant must notify the admissions office promptly before the exam and the problem should be remedied. It is suggested that the candidates maintain the admittance card till the admission procedure is finished.

VEE 2023 Exam Day Instructions

The requirements below are that each applicant must be aware of the examining hall or the premises. Look down: Look down:

• Remember to bring the card accepted by VEE 2023.

• The candidate is not permitted to pass the entry examination without the admission card.

• A valid picture ID certificate must be supplied.

• Carry a passport size photograph that has been snapped lately.

45 minutes before the exam begins, reach the Examination Center.

• Indoors inside the examination hall no electronic device or mobiles are permitted.

• Sit always on the seat allocated.

VEE 2023 Exam Pattern

The VEE examination will be conducted in offline format by the examination authorities. The VEE 2023 test has a total grade of 100 and also no penalty point for incorrect answers.

* Question papers will have multi-choice questions (MCQs) • candidates will have to solve 100 questions • All correct answers are provided with one mark • No negative marks will be included in the VEE exam • Examination will be carried out in the medium of English • VEE exam will be taken for 90 minutes.

VEE Syllabus

VEE Syllabus 2023 for Mathematics 

Sets, Relations and FunctionsComplex Numbers
Matrices and DeterminantsQuadratic Equations
Permutation and CombinationMathematical Induction and its application
TrigonometrySequences and series
Differential CalculusApplications of differential Calculus
Integral CalculusDifferential Equations
Straight lines in two DimensionsCircles in two dimensions
Conic sections in two dimensionsVector Algebra
Measures of Central Tendency and DispersionProbability

VEE Syllabus 2023 for General English

General English Syllabus
TopicsUse of Antonyms, synonyms, idioms
Fill in the blanks
Reading Comprehension passages
Corrections of grammatical errors
Usage of Parts of speech, tenses, conditional
Syntax of Vocabulary Usage
Jumbled Sentences
Sentence Correction and usage
Phrasal Verbs

VEE Syllabus 2023 for Physics

Units Topics
Unit 1Physical World and Measurement Physics-scope and excitement; nature of physical laws, Units of measurement; systems of units
Unit 2Kinematics Motion in a straight line, uniform and non-uniform motion, average speed and instantaneous velocity, uniformly accelerated motion velocity – time and position-time graphs.
Unit 3Laws of Motion Motion in a Plane – Motion in a plane, cases of uniform velocity and uniform acceleration-projectile motion, uniform circular motion.
Unit 4Work, Energy and Power Work done by a constant force and a variable force; kinetic energy, work-energy theorem, power
Unit 5Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body Moment of a force, torque, angular momentum, law of conservation of angular momentum and its applications
Unit 6Gravitation Kepler’s laws of planetary motion, universal law of gravitation
Unit 7Mechanical waves and Ray Optics Oscillations and waves, wave motion, ray optics
Unit 8Properties of Bulk Matter Mechanical properties of solids, mechanical properties of fluids, thermal properties of matter
Unit 9Behaviour of Perfect Gases and Kinetic Theory of Gases Equation of state of a perfect gas, work done in compressing a gas
Unit 10Thermodynamics Thermal equilibrium and definition of temperature (zeroth law of thermodynamics), heat, work and internal energy

VEE Syllabus 2023 for Chemistry

Units Topics
Unit 1Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry Nature of matter, Dalton’s atomic theory, concept of elements, atoms and molecules Chemical reactions and calculations based on stoichiometry
Unit 2Structure of Atoms Bohr’s model and its limitations, concept of shells and subshells Concept of orbitals, quantum numbers, shapes of s, p and d orbitals, rules for filling electrons in orbitals
Unit 3Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties  Modern periodic law and the present form of periodic table, periodic trends in properties of elements
Unit 4Chemical Bonding and Molecular structure Valence electrons, ionic bond, covalent bond, bond parameters Resonance, geometry of covalent molecules
Unit 5States of Matter: Gases, Liquids and Solids Three states of matter, intermolecular interactions, types of bonding, melting and boiling points, role of gas laws in elucidating the concept of the molecule Liquid State: vapour pressure, viscosity and surface tension Solid state: Classification of solids based on different binding forces
Unit 6Chemical Thermodynamics Concepts of System and types of systems, surroundings, work, heat, energy, extensive and intensive properties, state functions First law of thermodynamics Second law of Thermodynamics Third law of thermodynamics
Unit 7Equilibrium Equilibrium in physical and chemical processes, dynamic nature of equilibrium, law of mass action, equilibrium constant, factors affecting equilibrium- Le Chatelier’s principle
Unit 8Redox Reactions Concept of oxidation and reduction, redox reactions, oxidation number, balancing redox reactions
Unit 9Hydrogen Position of hydrogen in periodic table, occurrence, isotopes, preparation, properties and uses of hydrogen
Unit 10s-Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals) Group 1 and Group 2 Elements General introduction Preparation and Properties of Some Important Compounds Calcium Oxide and Calcium Carbonate and their industrial uses, biological importance of Magnesium and Calcium
Unit 11p -Block Elements General Introduction to p -Block Elements
Unit 12Organic Chemistry – Some Basic Principles and Techniques General introduction, methods of purification Homolytic and heterolytic fission of a covalent bond
Unit 13Hydrocarbons and Classification of Hydrocarbons
Unit 14Environmental Chemistry Environmental pollution, chemical reactions in atmosphere, smog, major atmospheric pollutants

How to check VEE 2023 results?

Step 1: The applicants may start using the official VELS Institute website e.g.

 Step 2: click the ‘Results’ tab

Step 3: Choose course from the Dropdown

 Step 4: Registration number, DOB and Email-ID are required after this applicant

 Step 5: Enter your registration credentials and password and click on login.

 Step 6: The scoring card is shown on the screen and printed the same

Note: the counselling school/GD/PI invites only qualified candidates.

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