Evergreen Career Opportunities

Today internet and globalization are giving rise to many new career opportunities. The introduction of automation and computerization has taken away some jobs and given them to specialized machines. However, some careers retain their charm and usability and have experienced no effect of the changing trends. These professions remain evergreen with high demand in the job market and promise long-term job security for practicing professionals. They are steady and satisfying vocations whose appeal remains consistent if not augmented in the modern time. These careers would not suffer the onslaught of globalization. Hence, if you are looking for a long and satisfying career, then you can select one of the evergreen career opportunities as per your skills and choice.

Students deciding on any career prospects must consider several things and pursue their vocation accordingly. A career is a life-long commitment that should be chosen with care. Your choice of career depends on several factors like interest, aptitude, vision in life, long-term and short-term career objectives, and the amount of time and money that you are ready to invest in learning the skills and getting the required qualification for success. Every profession has its set of benefits and drawbacks. So, while we look forward to enjoying the advantages we must also prepare to face the drawbacks and overcome them with the right mindset, training, and thinking. A career decision centred on current trends has its own set of disadvantages since the trends could change, and we may face a mid-career crisis.

Listed below is a list of evergreen careers that offer job security and safety and are much in demand by professionals and companies of the fields.


Journalism encompasses a broad scope of jobs for multiple platforms. Traditionally journalism was meant for print magazines, newspapers, and televisions. In the 21st century, journalism has also moved into blogging, online magazines, and news websites. Journalism is a medium to get relevant information across people and includes a blog, television, internet, radio, and print. Interested students can pursue a specific field like feature writing, reviews, news, and investigative.

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Skills Needed

A clear expression of ideas and opinions, willingness for risk, leadership and teamwork, passion for social justice and politics, interest in travel, communication skills, time management, integrity and honesty, skills for an interview, computer-savvy, excellent research, editing, and writing skills.


Diploma in Journalism, BBA in Mass Communication and Journalism, Bachelor of Mass Media, BA in Mass Communication, BA in Media Studies, BA in Media and Communication, B.Sc. in Journalism and Mass Communication, Bachelor of Communication and Journalism, Bachelor of Mass Media and Journalism, Bachelor of Journalism, BA in Journalism and Mass Communication, BA in Journalism.


The diploma course is a one-year program. All others are three-year undergraduate programs.


The field deals with investment, monetary source, finance, management, law, human resource management, accountancy, and related subjects. The domain has several high-paying profiles such as personal finance advisor, company secretary, retail manager, professional accountants, cost accountant, actuary, certified public accountant, chartered financial analyst, investment banker, and chartered accountant. Other jobs include treasurer and finance officer, management consultant, corporate controller, credit control manager, corporate banking executive, relationship manager, statistician, stockbroker, risk and insurance manager, business consultant, accounts and finance executive, auditor, finance manager, budget analyst, management analyst, investment analyst, sales manager, and financial manager.

Skills Needed

Strong mathematical background, analysis, and problem-solving.


Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Commerce, Chartered Accountancy, Certified Financial Planner, Cost and Management Accountant, Bachelor of Management Studies, Bachelors of Business Administration, and Company Secretary.


There is always a demand for skilled managers in the market. A certified managerial degree with added credentials paves, the way for one of the best-paying jobs in India and abroad. This career domain includes job opportunities in the lower management, middle management, and upper management levels. Prominent industries with management requirements include retail schools and businesses, insurance companies, government organizations, corporate houses, banks, wholesalers, and healthcare facilities. The field also provides the ground and training for entrepreneurship, and many management students end up having their businesses.

There are many jobs for aspiring managers like a corporate executive, social and community service manager, financial managers, industrial production manager, human resource manager, compensation and benefits manager, food services manager, sales manager, engineering managers, computers and information systems manager, management analyst, lodging manager, legislator, public relations manager and specialist, architectural and engineering managers, advertising, promotions, and marketing managers, and administrative services manager,

Skills Needed

Interpersonal, motivational, leadership, communication.


Master in Business Administration, Certified Management Consultant, Master in Management, Bachelor in Business Administration, Project Management Professional, Internal Company Training Programs, and Commissioning Course.

Food and Nutrition

Food and nutrition form an essential part of our lives. The quality and quantity of food that we consume reveals our body shape and impact our wellness factor. Hence, careers in food and nutrition are much in demand. The nutritionist guides us on the right type and amount of food to consume. The food and nutrition profession comprises several components of the food expedition and can see you growing in your choice of the field like a laboratory, restaurant, cooperation, school, hospital, offices, sports club, and other places.

There are numerous career choices in this field. They include naturopath, dietician, food technologist, nutritionist, nutrition writer, health educator, health coach, chef, caterer, nutritional assistant, food service associate, and nutritional aide.

Skills Needed

Analytical thinking, effective listening and speaking skills, and problem-solving.


Diploma in Health Studies, Certificate Course in Food Service Management, Certificate Course in Food Science, Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition, Graduation in Human Nutrition, Diploma in Dietetics, Bachelor of Science in Sport and Exercise Nutrition, Certification in Foundational Nutrigenomics and Personalised Nutrition, Diploma in Clinical Nutrition and Health Promotion, Diploma in Nutrition, Certification in Quality Control and Food Safety, and Diploma in Child and Adolescent Nutrition.


Students interested in medicine and human health has many career opportunities. You can select allopathy, Siddha, homeopathy, or ayurvedic, to be a medical practitioner in that field. The field offers you a high scope of earning where you do not have to face any retirement. Self-practicing doctors and even employed medical professionals have the luxury to work as long as they are capable. This facility is not available in any other fields.

By choosing this field, you can work as a surgeon, psychologist, psychiatrist, pathologist, ophthalmologist, neurologist, hospital doctor, general practice physician, clinical radiologist, cardiologist, anaesthetist, or pathologist.

Skills Needed

Time management, leadership, teamwork, critical thinking, decision making, problem-solving, logical reasoning, listening and communication, and observation.


In India, one must crack the All-India Entrance Examination to pursue a career in medicine.


Engineering is an all-time favourite course with STEM students and with the growth of engineering colleges, you have a bright chance to study this undergraduate degree at your preferred stream. While earlier, Engineering was limited to few courses like Mechanical, Electrical, and Chemical, with the advancement of technology, Engineering has opened up many new and exciting branches that offer specialized courses like Information Technology, Computer Science, and Electronics and Communications. Engineering also opens doors for higher studies in India and abroad. It is also one of the few streams with direct VISA acceptance in some industrialized nations. Needless to say, engineers are hailed in both India and foreign countries, so by studying engineering, there is little chance to go wrong.

Skills Needed

Proficient in STEM-based subjects, that is, mathematics, physics, and chemistry, problem-solving capabilities, research undertaking.


You can get admission into an engineering stream by participating in the entrance examinations. Students also have a choice to do a diploma course and get direct acceptance in the second year of engineering. For engineering in an overseas university, you would have to appear for exams like IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), and submit the required essay(s). You also need to possess a strong academic background.


There is a broad demand for nurses in both private and government hospitals to perform various duties. In fact, after being in the profession for a specific tenure, you would become eligible to pursue a specialization course in a domain of your choice. It opens up for further opportunities, especially in management and leadership, with a simultaneous increase in pay.

The departments include hospital care, operating room, school, oncology, neurological, emergency room, dialysis, labour and delivery, hospice, home health, psychiatric, ICU, paediatrics, and cardiac.

Skills Needed

Empathy, effective communication, an ability to work long hours, decision-making.


You need to appear in the state-level or college-level entrance exam meant for B.Sc. in Nursing course. There are also other programs based on your interest like Auxiliary Nurse & Midwife, General Nursing and Midwifery, and advanced courses like M.Sc., M. Phil., and PhD. in Nursing.


Two years to four years.


Lawyers are amongst the highest earners in any economy. They have the option to enter into one of the three major government organs- Judiciary, Executive, and Legislature. You can also work in a private law firm or act as a corporate lawyer for a particular company. Lawyers have the option to work as advocates, legal researchers, legal analysts, journalists, reporters, writers of law books, legal advisors, magistrates, judges, lecturers, and government servants.

Skills Needed

Excellent communication skills, debating skills, ability to look into details, research skills, documentation skills, critical thinking, analysis, and decision-making.


You have to compete in the LLB (‘Legum Bacccalaureus’ or Bachelors of Law) entrance exam which is a five-year integrated program and follow it up with three-year courses.

Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality is one of the most evolving fields with job opportunities in numerous sectors like sports & recreation, events, tourism, travel, food & beverages, and accommodation. The graduates can find jobs in hotels, resorts, restaurants, franchises, airlines, cruise ships, destination management, fashion shows, conferences, private clubs, rentals, international and national competitions, and many other places.

The job ranges from the front office, room service, HR, finance, project management, venue management, fine dining, spas, hospitals, and lifestyle services. The position offers a challenging and fun work environment, with scopes to travel and explore careers across the world. With such high demand, students can find job opportunities immediately after course completion with competitive pays and transferrable skills. The jobs are stable and can never be taken over by robots.

Skills Required

Networking, hard work, organization, research, diligence, commitment, confidence, communication, interest in a particular area of specialty.


Bachelor in Hotel Management, Bachelor in Tourism Administration, BBA in Travel & Tourism Management, BBA in Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, Bachelor of Catering Technology & Culinary Arts, BBA in Hotel & Tourism Management, Bachelor of Tourism Administration, Airfares & Ticketing, Certificate Courses in Travel & Tourism, B.Sc. in Hospitality & Tourism Studies, B.Sc. in Hospitality & Hotel Administration, Bachelors in Hospital Management, and Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Technology. 

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