PSU Recruitment through GATE 2023, Govt. Jobs, Eligibility & Dates

PSU stands for Public Sector Unit which is a company owned by the Government of India. Candidates seeking to build their careers in these PSUs can apply through their GATE Scores. These PSUs fall under the central government as well as state government administration. The post offered through the GATE examination will be related to engineering. To get the job, the candidate has to score well in the examination. In this article, we will discuss PSU Recruitment through GATE 2023, Govt. Jobs, Eligibility & Dates, etc.

Eligibility for PSU

The following are the eligibility criteria for PSU recruitment-

  • The candidate must be a citizen of India
  • The candidate must hold an engineering degree from a recognized university with at least 55% marks (some PSUs might demand more or less)
  • A valid GATE score is required for the candidates to apply for recruitment in the PSU

How to Apply for PSU through GATE

The recruitment of PSU is also offered through the GATE examination. If the candidate has a valid GATE examination score, then the candidate can apply to the PSUs. The application of the PSUs are released individually and the application process might differe based on the no of posts and the qualification required.  

List of Companies under PSU

Name of PSUApplication DateNumber of PostsDiscipline
Power GridTo be notified50­­­­­ET (Electrical)/ET (Electronics) ET (Civil)
HPGCLTo be notified201Electrical, Mechanical, and Civil
GAILTo be notifiedChemical – 15
Instrumentation – 10
Chemical, Petrochemical, Chemical Technology, Petrochemical Technology, Instrumentation, Instrumentation & Control, Electronics & Instrumentation, Electrical & Instrumentation, Electronics, Electrical & Electronics
DRDOTo be notifiedTo be notifiedElectronics & Comm. Engg, Mechanical Engg, Computer Science & Engg, Chemical Engg, Chemistry, Physics, Electrical Engg, Aeronautical Engg, Mathematics, Metallurgy, Material Science, Civil Engg, Geology, Instrumentation Engg, Textile Engg, Production/Industrial Production Engg, Food Science
NPCILTo be notified200Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Civil, Industrial, and Fire Safety engineering
NMDCTo be notifiedElectrical- 10 Materials Management – 25 Mechanical – 14 Mining – 18Electrical, Materials Management, Mechanical, Mining
NHPC LimitedTo be notifiedCivil – 30 Mechanical-21Civil and Mechanical
KIOCL LimitedTo be notified25Mechanical/Metallurgical, Electrical/Electrical and Electronics, Electronics & Communication/ Instrumentation & Control, Electronics & Communication/ Computer Science, Mining
AAITo be notified360Civil/ Electrical/Electronics/ Telecommunications/ Electrical with specialization in Electronics / Architecture
NTPC LimitedTo be notified50Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, and Instrumentation
NHAITo be notified41Civil Engineering
IOCLTo be notifiedNAB.Tech/ B.E in Chemical, Petrochemical, Civil, Computer Science & Information Technology, Electrical, Electrical & Electronics, Electronic & Communication, Electronics, Electronics & Telecommunications, Instrumentation, Electronics & Instrumentation, Mechanical, Metallurgy   M.Tech/ M.E in Chemical, Electronics & Communication, Mechanical, Metallurgical Engineering
NALCOTo be notified120Mechanical, Electrical, Metallurgy, Electronics, instrumentation Engineering
BISTo be notified150Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Engineering, Food Technology, Chemical Engineering, Bio-Technology, Petro-Chemical Engineering, Bio-medical Engineering
HURLTo be notified80Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, and Instrumentation
BARC: OCES, DGFSTo be notifiedNAMechanical Engineering. Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering. Electronics & Communication engineering, computer Science, Metallurgical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering
ECILTo be notified64Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electronics Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical [Production] Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Technology
OMPLTo be notified16Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and IT
SAILTo be notified399Mechanical, Electrical, Mining, Chemical, Instrumentation, Metallurgy
PSPCLTo be notified111Electrical/ Electrical & Electronics Engineering/ Civil Engineering/ Computer Science/ IT
MNRETo be notified10Natural or Agricultural Science or Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Technology or Medicine from a recognized university or institute.
CVPPPLTo be notified20Civil
POSOCOTo be notifiedNAElectrical/ Electrical (Power)/ Electrical and Electronics/ Power Systems Engineering/ Power Engineering (Electrical)/ Computer Science/ Computer Engg./ Information Technology
WBSEDCLTo be notifiedNAElectrical Engineering, Electrical & Electronics (Combined), Power Engineering, Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science
ONGC Ltd.To be notifiedNAMechanical, Petroleum, Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Telecom, E&T, PG in Physics with Electronics, Instrumentation, Chemical, Applied Petroleum, PG in Geo-Physics, PG in Mathematics, PG in Petroleum Technology, PG in Chemistry, PG in Geology, PG in Petroleum, Geo-Science, PG in Geological Technology, Auto, Computer, Information Technology, MCA, “B’Level Diploma as per Dept of Electronics, GO
HPCLTo be notifiedNAMechanical, Mechanical & Production, Civil, Electrical, Electrical & Electronics , Electronics, Electronics & Communication, Electronics & Telecommunication, Applied Electronics, Instrumentation, Instrumentation & Control, Electronics & Instrumentation, Instrumentation & Electronics, Instrumentation & Process Control, Chemical, Petrochemical, Petroleum Refining & Petrochemical, Petroleum Refining
BMRCTo be notified25Civil
Bihar PHEDTo be notified70Mechanical and Civil Engineering
DST BiharTo be notifiedNAElectronics and Communication, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Computer Engineering
BSNLTo be notified198Electrical/Civil Engineering
MDLTo be notified8Mechanical, Mechanical & Industrial, Mechanical & Production, Production , Production & Management, Production & Industrial, Electrical, Electrical & Electronics, Electrical & Instrumentation
Vizag SteelTo be notifiedNAMechanical, Electrical, Metallurgy, Instrumentation Engineering
MGLTo be notified15Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Instrumentation
RITESTo be notifiedTo be notifiedCivil Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering/ Production Engineering/ Industrial Engineering/ Automobile Engineering/ Electrical Engineering/ Electrical & Electronics Engineering/ Electronics Engineering/ Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering/ Electronics & Communication Engineering/ Electronics & Electrical Engineering/ Computer Science/ IT/ Computer Engineering/ Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
CELTo be notifiedNAElectronics & Communication, Mechanical, Electrical, Material Science
Centre For Railway Information SystemsTo be notified50Computer Science & Engineering or Computer Science or Computer Technology or Information Technology or Computer Science & Information Technology or Computer Applications, or MCA or B.Sc (Computer Science – 4 Year degree course)
Haryana Power UtilitiesTo be notified107Electronics, Electronics & Communication, Electronics & Electrical, Communication, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electrical & Electronics
MRPLTo be notified27Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Instrumentation and Information Engineering
DDATo be notified14Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
NBCCTo be notifiedNACivil Engineering
RVNLTo be notifiedNACivil, Electrical, and Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
MECLTo be notifiedNAChemistry
RCFLTo be notifiedNAMechanical, Chemical or Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering
NFLTo be notifiedNAMechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Materials, Computer Science, IT or Civil Engineering
EILTo be notifiedNACivil, Mechanical, and Chemical Engineering
BSPHCLTo be notifiedNACivil, Construction, Electrical, Electrical & Electronics
MPPGCLTo be notifiedNAMechanical, Electrical and Electronics Engineering
THDCTo be notifiedNAMechanical/Mechanical & Automation Engineering/ Electrical/ Electrical (Power)/ Electrical and Electronics/ Power Systems & High Voltage/Power Engineering/ Civil Engineering
BPCLTo be notifiedNAMechanical Engineering
NLC India LtdTo be notifiedNAMechanical, Electrical & Electronics, Electrical, Electronics & Communication, Civil, Civil & Structural, Instrumentation,Electronics, Instrumentation, Instrumentation & Control, Computer Science, Information Technology, Mining
BHELTo be notifiedNAIndustrial and Production, Industrial, Mechanical Production and Tool, Production Technology, Manufacturing (NIFFT Ranchi), Mechatronics, Manufacturing Process, and Automation, Power Plant Production, Production and Industrial, Thermal, Manufacturing Technology, Power, Electrical & Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation & Control, High Voltage Power Systems & High Voltage, Electrical Machine, Electronics & Power, Power Electronics, Power Plant, Energy, Power
ECILTo be notifiedNAElectronics and Communication Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electronics Technology, Computer Science Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical (Production) Engineering.
HALTo be notifiedNAMechanical, Mechanical & Industrial, Mechanical and Production, Civil, Electrical, Electrical & Electronics, Electrical & Instrumentation, Electronics, Electronics & Communication, Instrumentation & Control, Instrumentation & Electronics, Applied Electronics & Instrumentation, Electronics & Instrumentation, Electronics & Telecommunication
BEMLTo be notifiedNAMechanical, Electrical & Electronics, Metallurgy
OIL IndiaTo be notifiedNAMechanical, Geophysics, Geology
BBNLTo be notifiedNAElectrical and Electronics, Electrical, Information Technology, Computer Science, Electronics and Communication
Tata PowerTo be notifiedNAElectrical, Mechanical, Electronics, Controls, and Instrumentation, Power Engineering
Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of IndiaTo be notifiedNAComputer Science, Electronics and Communications, Electronics, Physics, Chemistry, Telecommunication, Electronics
MidhaniTo be notifiedNAMechanical, Electrical, Metallurgy
DMRCTo be notified35Civil Engineering
IRCONTo be notifiedNACivil, Electrical
BSPCLTo be notifiedNAElectrical, Electrical & Electronics,Mechanical , Production, Industrial Engineering, Production & Industrial Engineering, Thermal, Mechanical & Automation, Power Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronics & Instrumentation, Instrumentation & Control Electronics, Electronics & Tele-communication, Electronics & Power, Power Electronics , Electronics & Communication, CSE, IT
IPRTo be notifiedNAPhysics, Applied Physics, Engineering Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering
PSTCLTo be notifiedNAElectrical, Electrical & Electronics, Mechanical, Electronics & Communication, Instrumentation & Control, Civil, Computer Science, IT
KRIBHCOTo be notifiedNAChemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Computer, Electronics & Communication and Instrumentation Engineering
Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation Ltd (MRVC Ltd)To be notifiedNACivil Engineering
GSECLTo be notifiedNAElectrical, Mechanical, C & I, Metallurgy and Environment Engineering
Coal India LtdTo be notifiedNAMechanical, Electrical, Mining and Geology
BNPMTo be notifiedNAMechanical, Electrical, Electronics & Communication and Chemical Engineering
EdCIL IndiaTo be notifiedNACivil, Electronics & Communication Engineering
KRCLTo be notifiedNACivil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
OPGC LtdTo be notifiedNAMechanical, Electrical, Civil, C & I
IPRCLTo be notifiedNAElectrical, Civil, Electronics/Electrical
NSPCLTo be notifiedNAElectrical/ Electrical & Electronics/ Electrical, Instrumentation & Control/ Power Systems & High Voltage/ Power Electronics/ Power Engineering/ Mechanical/ Production/ Industrial Engg./ Production & Industrial Engg./ Thermal/ Mechanical & Automation/ Power Engineering/ Electronics & Instrumentation Engg./ Instrumentation & Control Engineering/ Electronics/ Electronics & Telecommunication/ Electronics & Power/ Power Electronics/ Electronics & Communication/ Electrical & Electronics Engineering
NTCTo be notifiedNATextile Engineering & Fibre Science (TF)
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