SSB Interview 2024, NDA 1 & 2 Exam Date, SSB Registration & Procedure

SSB stands for Service Selection Board which conducts the interview sessions for candidates who have cleared the written examination. This interview is five days event that evaluates the candidates based on intelligence and Personality. It is organized in the SSB Center which comes directly under the Ministry of Defense. In this article, we will discuss SSB Interview 2024, NDA 1 & 2 Exam Date, SSB Registration & Procedure

SSB Interview Round Overview

The candidates are required to clear the written test and then only the SSB Interview round will be conducted. The following are the entrance exam for defense services that you can clear for appearing in the SSB Interview-

The SSB Interview is a two-stage process- stage I and stage II which is conducted for 4 or 5 days and will include 900 marks.


It includes Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) and Picture Perception & Description Test (PP & DT).

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It includes Group Testing Officer Tasks, Interview, Psychology Tests, and the Conference.

Five Days SSB Selection Process

SSB Interview is a five-day process and includes multiple tests that will help SSB in evaluating the candidates based on their ability and personality. After the SSB Interview is over the candidates will be provided scored out of 900 marks and the merit list will be released which will confirm the selection in the national defense services. The following are the day-wise list of evaluation test that the candidates go through-

Day 0

Reporting: Day 0 is the reporting day where the selected candidate has to report at the given SSB center. There the candidate has to visit with the required documentation and the verification process will be done. Once the document verification is over, Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) Forms is given where the candidate has to fill in all the essential details mentioned on the form. This form is analyzed by the psychologist of the board.

Day 1

Screening: Day 1 consist of two tests which is as follows-

Intelligence Test: It consisted of verbal and non-verbal questions comprised of multiple-choice questions and 30 seconds will be provided to answer a question.

Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PP & DT): The candidate will be shown a picture for half a minute and after that candidate will make a story based on that within three minutes. After that, a Group discussion will be organized.

Day 2

Psychology Tests: It is a written test organized by a Psychologist. In this test, the psychological suitability of the candidate is to be checked to ensure an officer is of the right mindset. The following are the tests that the candidates have to go through-

Thematic Apperception Test (TAT): In this test, eleven pictures will be shown to the candidate. Each picture will be shown for 30 seconds and after that candidate will write a story entirely based on the picture in 4 minutes. After 4 minutes, a new picture will be shown and the same process will be followed till the last slide. The twelfth slide will be blank where a candidate will write a story of their own choice.

Word Association Test (WAT): In this test, 60 words will be shown back to back for 50 seconds and the candidate will write the first thought that comes to their mind for those words.

Situation Reaction Test (SRT): In this test, the candidate will be provided with a booklet with 60 situations written on it. The candidate then will write the responses based on 60 situations.

Self Description Test (SD): In this test, the candidate will write their views about their parents, themselves, and teachers, etc. within 15 minutes.

Day 3 & 4

Group Testing Officer Tasks (GTO Tasks): In this test, a combination of mental and physical work using indoor/outdoor activities is tested. The following are the tests that the candidates have to go through-

Group Discussion: In this round, a particular situation will be given to a group of candidates and they discuss a different aspect of the issue which is then observed by the Group Task Officer.

Group Planning Exercise (Military Planning Exercise): During this round, a real-life practical problem will be given to the group of applicants for which they have to write their plan of action.

Progressive Group Tasks (PGT): In this round, the group of the candidate will overcome a few obstacles with the help of supporting materials like rope, plank, wood log, etc.

Half Group Tasks: This round is almost similar to PGT but the number of group members will be reduced to half and candidates will be given more chances to show their potential.

Individual Obstacles: In this round, the candidate will attempt 10 obstacles individually.

Group Obstacles Race or Snake Race: In this round, all group members will go through a competition with other groups. Candidates will go through certain obstacles with the help of a rope.

Command Task: In this task, the aspirant will be a commander and he will be required to cross obstacles through few subordinates.

Lecturette: In this round, the candidate will have to give a lecture for three minutes on a topic chosen by them.

Final Group Task: This test is also the same as PGT and candidates will get the chance to show their potential.

Day 5

Conference: The final day of the SSB Interview consists of a conference session where the candidate has to give an interview to the Board members consisting of the Board of Examiners President, Deputy President, all the GTOs, all the psychologists & Technical Officer.

After this, within an hour or so, the SSB result will be declared. The selected candidates will be then asked to attend the Medical examination which will take 4-5 more days. The final merit list is then be prepared.

Documents needed for SSB Interview 2024

The candidates are required to attend the SSB Interview with necessary documents which will be returned to the candidates once the verification is over. The following are the document needed for SSB Interview-

  • 10+2 or Equivalent Examination Mark Sheet & Passing Certificate.
  • Ten passport size photographs.
  • Call Letter
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