How to Prepare for the Course on Computer Concepts (CCC) Examination?

Course on Computer Concepts (CCC) is an examination for candidates who want to gain knowledge on the basics of computers.

This exam is conducted by NIELIT which comes under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, and the certification by NIELIT is valid throughout the world.

You can prepare for the Course on Computer Concepts (CCC) and participate in the examination. If you score more than 50% marks then you’ll be considered a pass and you’ll be issued the certification.

The CCC examination might look easy however if you do not strategize your preparation then you might fail as well. So, preparing for the CCC examination is important.

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In this article, we will discuss how to strategize your preparation for the CCC examination, Things to keep in Mind, etc.

To prepare for the Course on Computer Concepts (CCC) exam you should Test Your Skills. Free CCC Mock Test and for information related to Course on Computer Concepts CCC Notification, Eligibility read our this article.

How to Prepare for the Course on Computer Concepts (CCC) Examination

Preparation Strategy for the CCC Examination

The very first thing while preparing for the CCC examination that you’ll have to understand is the examination pattern.

There will be a total of 100 questions and 90 minutes will be provided for you to complete your examination. So, on average, you’ll have less than a minute to complete one question.

One good thing about this examination is that this examination does not have any negative markings which will help the candidate to secure maximum marks as well as not worry about scoring negative marks.

The qualifying marks for the CCC examination are 50% meaning you’ll have to at least score 50 marks out of 100 to ensure you pass the test.

 One question in the CCC examination is 1 mark so, for passing the exam, you’ll have to correctly answer 50 questions.

The following are the preparation strategies for the CCC examination that you’ll have to keep in mind to pass the examination-

  • Participate in the mock test which you can find online as much as you can. The more give a mock test, the more familiar you’ll be with the questions
  • Pick one topic daily and complete the topic on that day, this way within a month, you’ll be able to complete your syllabus
  • Keep a timetable on the syllabus preparation
  • Practice all the previous year’s questions paper or at least for the last 10 years
  • Try to learn tricks of solving CCC questions easily
  • Analyze previous year’s questions and try to figure out all the important questions that were asked the maximum number of times
  • Try to operate a computer and practical approach to the subject so that it becomes easy for you to understand and execute the given questions
  • You can Download CCC PDF Question in English and CCC PDF Question in Hindi for free and prepare for the CCC examination.


Where can I get questions to prepare for the CCC Examination?

You can source the CCC examination questions from a variety of sources like Excel Bee the previous year’s question paper. Mock tests, etc.

What are the qualifying marks for the CCC examination?

The minimum qualifying marks for the CCC examination are 50% and anything below the 50% marks will be considered a failure.

How many days do I need to prepare for the CCC Examination?

It depends on how well you know about the computer if you are familiar with the basics of computers then you can easily pass the examination with a week of preparation. But, if you do not have any know-how about the computer then you might need a month of preparation. Also, some people who are new to computers might need more time.

How many times is the CCC examination conducted in a year?

The CCC Examination is conducted every month and you can register for the CCC examination any time of the year.

If I fail the CCC examination, when can I take the examination?

If you’ve failed the examination, then you can take the examination immediately from the next year’s cycle.

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